(As Gaeilge)

Irish is one of our most in-demand languages and DCU Language Services has become one of the leading Irish Language translation providers in Ireland. We work with both protected and public organisations including government departments and many of them have been using our services on a regular basis for over a decade. We also translate from Irish to English if required.

A sample of types of material we translate includes:

•  Annual Reports •  Text for museum exhibits
•  Financial Statements •  Signage
•  Strategic Plans •  Leaflets & Brochures
•  Correspondence including letters & bills •  Websites
•  Business Documentation •  Environmental Studies
•  Technical Reports •  Educational Texts
•  Press releases •  Promotional Literature
•  Legal Documents •  Certified Translations

Our Translators:
We work with a large team of professional translators who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of Irish translation.

  • All translators have a minimum of 5 years’ experience
  • Many have been translating for over a decade
  • Native Irish speakers
  • Foras na Gaeilge accredited translators
  • An Caighdeán Oifigiúil (the Official Standard of Irish) used
  • Specific dialects (e.g Ulster / Connaght Irish) provided on request

Many of our translators have been awarded Foras na Gaeilge accreditation, regarded as the highest form of accreditation for Irish translators. Our Foras na Gaeilge Irish translators can be specifically selected for clients upon request.

Since the introduction of the Official Languages Act in 2003, we have been consistently assisting Government departments and other public bodies in their statutory duties by providing translations of their publications, reports, websites and other documentation into Irish.

We offer high quality translation and proofreading for all customers, completed by professional Irish linguists chosen by us based on their extensive experience and qualifications. We only employ translators with proven expertise in the field required for our clients’ documents.

We offer proofreading in addition to our translation service and this is especially important for documents that are meant for publication. It ensures that all translations are of the highest quality. This service covers all document types and formats.

If you wish to review a document which is already in Irish, our expert linguists will proofread and verify the content to ensure that it is correct in terms of grammar and style.

We also offer a Desktop Publishing (DTP) service to assist in the final design and layout of any document. For more information please click here.

The price for Irish language translations is dependent on the following factors:

  • Minimum fee for short or certified translations
  • Length of document (number of words)
  • Subject matter
  • Format required
  • Deadline
  • Additional proofreading required
For more information on our translation services:
Telephone: +353 1 700 8077