In addition to translation, we provide a Desktop Publishing Service for multilingual publications

When reproducing a text in a different language, it’s essential to consider the impact that this will have on the format of the original document. If you have produced a professional marketing or corporate publication, we understand the importance of retaining the same look and feel in the translated version.

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) service will ensure that the translated text incorporates the same elements as the original document (from any PDF format) and is suitable for the intended target market(s) based on linguistic and cultural nuances.

Among the elements to be considered when recreating a foreign language version of your material are:

•  Text expansion

•  Hyphenation

•  Different character sets

•  Alignment

•  Line breaks

•  Use of images and colours

We handle over 70 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and other right to left languages. See our list of languages here.

Software: We support many file types to reproduce multilingual documentation. These include:

  • MS Office:
  • QuarkXpress
  • Adobe:

Please click here for a complete list of platforms (Applications) we are familiar with.

Quality Assurance:
Our professional linguists verify all documents after the DTP process. This ensures that excellent linguistic quality is maintained during the formatting process and that all documents have been reviewed by a native speaker before delivery to the client. Languages such as Irish or French can expand by up to 20% and the translated text needs to be correctly aligned and placed according to the formatting in the original document.

Ready to go:
We deliver ready-to-print PDF versions of the translated material so that it’s immediately available for use. We also deliver in other formats depending on client requirements.


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