Subtitling & Transcriptions

Multilingual Video Subtitling is a Quick and Effective Way for your Videos to Reach an International Audience 

If you have a corporate, marketing or training video for use on your website, blog or on social media or if you have a video for DVD use, and want to get this across to a wider international audience, our multilingual subtitling service could be the solution for you.

We provide a quick, affordable and high quality subtitling service and we work with our customers to provide the best quality subtitles to suit  requirements and budgets.

For most subtitling projects, our process is:

  • Provide a time-coded transcript of the original video
  • Translate this into the required languages
  • Insert these translations as subtitles on your video 

Our service is very flexible and we can have the capability to deliver subtitled videos in many formats and across many languages.  

  • We can convert videos into different formats and provide translated subtitles for online formats including YouTube, Vimeo and MP4.
  • If you have a DVD we can create a multilingual master version with the option to turn subtitles on/off.
  • We can add closed captions to DVDs and online videos
  • We can produce videos with burnt-in subtitles and encode in many video formats.

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