Academic Proofreading
DCU Language Services offers professional proofreading services for academic documents across a range of subjects.

We provide assistance in the preparation of PhD and Master theses, essays and other research documents.

Our experienced Proofreaders will analyse and revise your document in English or another language. Please see here for more languages.

Each document is reviewed for:

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation
  • Typos
  • Flow of text
  • Language register
  • Consistency of terminology
  • Design & layout

We will provide a fresh pair of eyes to pick up on any errors that you may have missed. Our service will help to ensure a high quality final submission for your course.

Other Proofreading
Proofreading is also offered in addition to our Translation service to ensure complete accuracy in documentation intended for a public audience. Our qualified proofreaders will review translated text against the original source document as supplied by the client.

We also carry out sense-checks and a review of layout for clients after the DTP process.

Translation and Proofreading is always carried out by ‘human’ professionals and never by a machine!

Contact us for more information or a Quote:
Telephone: +353 1 700 8077