Empower your Team!

Our corporate training programme is designed to meet the widest range of business needs. It is aimed at helping professionals to communicate better and engage confidently through English. Based on your requirements we will design a bespoke English training programme and deliver it at your chosen location and at a time that best suits your business.

Teaching methodology

Our academic trainer will use the communicative approach to language teaching in all lessons. This methodology promotes interaction as both the means and goal of the language training programme. This approach will further reinforce the aim of the course in promoting communication and spoken fluency in English.

What Will This Course Offer You

Our Language School welcomes over 11,000 students from over 35 different countries each year and has provided language programmes for many national and international organisations such as PayPal, Indaver, Allianz and Cepol. Find out more about what we can offer you below.

  • Comprehensive targeting of four main receptive and productive language competencies (reading, writing, listening, speaking) as well as related English language structures and systems (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation).
  • Key skills for successful professional presentations.
  • Language and communication strategies for professional email and telephone exchanges in English.
  • Intercultural awareness and communication techniques, with a particular emphasis on the exploration and comparison of different cultures.
  • Dedicated workshops on profession-specific English language.
  • Functional language sessions to practise using language accurately and confidently in a variety of contexts.

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