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DCU Language Services offers professional proofreading services for academic documents across a range of subjects as well as foreign language proofreading of translated documents. Our experienced Proofreaders will analyse and revise your document.
Each document is reviewed for:

  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Spelling errors
  • Punctuation
  • Typos
  • Flow of text
  • Language register
  • Consistency of terminology
  • Design & layout

Desktop Publishing Service

We offer a Desktop Publishing Service to ensure that all translated material has the same look and feel as the original document. This ensures that your text is suitable for its target market. The service includes formatting and page layout, fonts and colours, and preservation of images.


If you have a video or an audio recording, we can convert the speech to written text for you. This service includes the production of a time-coded script if required. We have previously transcribed DVDs, promotional videos and webinars among others.

Transcription can also be carried out along with our Subtitling service according to your requirements.

Corporate Training

Our corporate training programme is designed to meet the widest range of business needs. It is aimed at helping professionals to communicate better and engage confidently through English. Based on your requirements we will design a bespoke English training programme and deliver it at your chosen location and at a time that best suits your business.

Our academic trainer will use the communicative approach to language teaching in all lessons. This methodology promotes interaction as both the means and goal of the language training programme. This approach will further reinforce the aim of the course in promoting communication and spoken fluency in English.

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