Language Assessments

Hire the most suitable candidate and expand your international market

We provide a language testing service which supports recruiters by ensuring that future employees have sufficient language skills for any role.

Language Testing for Recruitment

Whether you are hiring for sales, customer service, finance or IT, our team of experienced assessors is at your service.

With a series of focused and tailor-made questions, our linguists will ensure, not only that the candidate possesses your desired level of fluency, but that they are polite and courteous while dealing with potential stakeholders.

This service is suitable for:

  • International companies
  • Government bodies
  • Grassroots NGOs

Our Process

The assessment procedure involves oral and written tests that have been designed to examine the language levels of potential recruits in various competencies such as language fluency, vocabulary range, accuracy, register, grammar and structure & content.

Oral Tests

    • Qualified and professional linguists carry out the oral test over the phone.
    • The candidate receives a phone call at a designated time.
    • The client receives a graded report within a number of hours.

Written tests

    • Our linguists have specifically designed our written assessments.
    • Tests are tailored to suit the role in question.
    • Customised tests can be prepared if required.

*Our oral and written tests are scored according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to ensure that candidates are assessed according to industry standards and that clients have a clear understanding of their level and ability to work within the chosen language.

Our Clients

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