Why Localisation is Key for Effective Local Marketing: Infographic


International Brands are slowly starting to recognise the benefits of localising content for more targeted local marketing to increase local knowledge of their brand identities and increase business revenue in return.

As a language services provider we have always been trying to get this point across to clients, and now as marketing is becoming more social with the various social media channels available around the globe, it is even more important to create conversations and engagement with customers in their own markets and languages.

The infographic below, sourced from an article from Mindjumpers.com, a Community Management Company, demonstrates why the demand for content localisation is becoming more on trend for 2013. It shows that when it comes to social media and online marketing ‘social is local’ and gives 9 great reasons why brands should target and engage with local fans of their products to create local conversations that can help build a stronger global brand presence and identity.

Localisation can result in:

  • Higher growth and engagement
  • Increased budget efficiencies when it comes to advertising campaigns targeted at local markets
  • Increased traffic and sales.

“Local Targeted Content Performs Better than Global”

Each market around the world understands and engages with brands differently, and this is where the benefits of  localisation can be seen – by localising content brands can better engage with local customers.