Choosing a Translation Agency: A Quick Guide


Nowadays no matter what kinds of business you operate, it is essential for your business to be globalized as well as localized. 

It’s very important to choose a reliable and high quality translation service provider to help you to express your message clearly and correctly in any language to reach your global customers and business partners, be it from the creation of multilingual promotional materials, emails, business reports, websites, or having interpreters to assist with smooth oral and cross-cultural communication at international business meetings.

However, it’s important to understand that translating from one language to another is not such an easy feat, and there are many factors to consider. This can make choosing a trustworthy translation services provider a difficult decision between the many providers out there. 

Some basic criteria you should consider:


This is the number one point to consider when choosing a translation service provider.

Translated materials are often presented to prospective customers or used for publication to other companies and even the public. If translated badly, this could mean that your customers will lose confidence in your brand and you will lose sales. A small mistake in translation can result in a huge loss, so you should ensure that your translation agency recruits qualified and professional translators who have specialized experience in particular topics or in the specific industries that you need.  

Track Record

You must take into account the company’s track record when choosing a translation company. The years of experience and existing clients are good indicators of the company’s performance.


While pricing this should not be the be all and end all when choosing a language service provider, at the end of the day every business wants the best quality at the best price. You should identify the budget for your translation project and choose a reputable agency that can work within your budget and based on your requirements.

Machine translation systems can often result in reduced prices, as well as reducing turnaround times compared to a full human translation. While this is often a very favourable option and human translation and machine translation may look similar, this is often not the case. Human translation is labour-intensive and time-consuming work that involves research into a product and terminology, and using the correct tone for your materials. All of this guarantees high-quality output with which a machine cannot compare.  

You can contact translation agencies for a quote and discuss your requirements before deciding to cooperate with them.


Speed and deadline are always two important issues for professional translation companies. No one likes being behind schedule, especially in the business world which is as fierce as war. It is important for translators to translate efficiently, reliably and to complete the work to deadline.

A professional and high quality translation agency should complete translation work on time without any excuses, and a time frame for completion should be stated at the start of a project.

Translation plays a vital role in the global village, and for those companies which operate globally or those wishing to target customers abroad, translation is more important than ever. The benefits of translation are numerous including making your products be seen and helping your business to find a niche market so translation should be an investment which is worth budgeting for the time and cost involved.

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