A day in the life: DCU LS Translations Coordinator…

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Professional Translation and Interpreting Services at Dublin City University

Áine, the DCU LS Translation Services Coordinator gives us a glimpse at her busy working day in our Translation Services Department: 

9am Monday morning… Time to get to work….

The working day starts by firstly checking the translation services inbox to see if we’ve received any urgent translation requests overnight or during the weekend. Normally there are a lot of emails sitting in my inbox on Monday morning so I sift through them as quickly as possible, sorting the junk mail from genuine emails. I also check if there are any translations due to be returned to clients that morning or later in the day; I usually make a note of this the evening beforehand so that I know exactly what needs to be sent back but it’s always good to double check the status of on-going projects just in case anything has been overlooked!

We have a tracking system to keep a record of all past and current translation jobs undertaken by DCU LS and it’s very important to maintain this so that we don’t lost track of anything. After all due translations have been returned to clients I tackle any new jobs which require quick turnaround times. They are recorded in the tracker and then assigned to translators immediately depending on the translators’ availability and relevant experience. Sometimes if a job is particularly urgent, I ring or text the translators to confirm their acceptance of the job.

Once any pressing requests have been dealt with, I read back over the emails and save any translated files which have been returned by translators and return these files to the clients. It’s important to make a note of this so that we know exactly what has been returned or not. Sometimes we have more than one translator working on a project due to the size of the workload or if there are different languages involved. In these cases, we wait for all files to be returned from the different translators and proof-readers before sending the complete translation to the client. It’s my job to ensure that all work is returned to clients within the agreed deadline so it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with translators in case of any problems that may arise or cause delays.

Throughout the day I answer phone calls and emails from clients who are enquiring about our services, looking for quotations or possible queries from translators regarding the projects they’re working on.  As we provide certified translations, we also receive a lot of requests from individuals who require translations services for their birth, marriage or university certificates, for example, but we also work with Public Bodies, Government departments and large National and International companies. The requests can be quite varied, and in one day I have received requests for a variety of projects, and from a diverse range of customers. A sample of today’s tasks shows how diverse it can be: 

  • Quote sent to a media company in Dublin for the translation of documents that they are doing design work for;
  • Translations started from Spanish and Italian into English for the Dublin office of a Multinational Investment bank;
  • Quote sent to an Irish Government Agency for the translation of their Annual Report into Irish;
  • Returned translation of tourism materials from English to Chinese to an Irish Tourism body;
  • Quote sent to an e-learning company for the Transcription of some audio files;
  • An individual came into the office with some documents for Certified Translation from Latvian into English so I took a copy of each document and sent them to a translator to begin work. As certified translations are usually needed urgently it’s important to get the translations started asap.

I enjoy the work in the DCU LS Translations Department as it’s quite varied and I’m always kept busy! The biggest challenges are prioritising tasks, meeting deadlines and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. When there are a lot of projects on the go, it’s imperative to be organised and to recognise which jobs need to be prioritised according to their importance and deadlines.

It’s also crucial to agree realistic deadlines with clients so that our translators can complete the work within the requested timeframe. This all contributes to the satisfaction of our customers which we strive to maintain at DCU LS by providing high quality and professional translations on time.

Contact Áine for any Translation requirements:

Tel: +353 1 700 8077

Email: translations@dcu.ie