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How using Translation Services can have a positive impact on your Business

Nowadays, no matter what kind of business you operate, the importance of using translation services is essential for expanding your audience and reaching new customers. While it may appear that the need for translating your companies marketing materials is an unnecessary expense, businesses hoping to reach out to foreign markets to do business or even […]

The Economic Impact of Monolingualism on Businesses

When living in a predominantly English-speaking country, it is easy to believe the myth of the ‘English bubble’- that native-English speakers do not need to learn a second language as native speakers of other languages are doing the hard work for them by learning English. As it currently, stands, there are an estimated 359 million […]

Translators and Interpreters at the G8

It is likely that most people didn’t notice the number of people standing discretely behind the politicians and delegates that recently gathered at the Loch Erne resort in Fermanagh for the G8 summit. Not to mention the small army of people working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the most recent gathering […]

Human Translation Vs. Machine Translation: A Triumph of Nuance over Nonsense?

Latin and Greek became “universal” languages for a time in Western civilizations.  However, their dominance and popularity waned as the Age of Discovery fostered the prevalence of the most widely spoken European languages in the newly acquired colonies around the world.  Despite having been in existence for well over a century, the artificially conceived language, […]

The English of French People

Being located in an English speaking city that is also a popular tourist destination, you just have to walk through the streets of Dublin city centre to hear all sorts of “pidgin” English – that is various tourists and international students speaking to each other in a blend of English words with syntactic constructions based […]

False Friends in Translation

A friend in need is a friend indeed – so promises the old adage.  False Friends: A Translator’s Worst Enemy! An innocent abroad or even at home however, should beware of friends whose familiar appearance conveys a comforting reminder of home and lures the gullible into dangerous complacency!  Echoes of a mother’s warning to the […]

Cultural awareness and body language: the secrets of a flourishing business

What comes to mind when you hear the word “communication”? Languages, speaking, writing, phones, internet…? Communication is possible through different ways: there is verbal communication and then nonverbal communication such as body gestures, facial expressions and eye contact. Research has shown that 80% of messages are portrayed through body language rather than the words that […]

What’s happening in the Legal Interpreting Industry? Samples from France and the UK

Recently the interpreting industry has been in the media in both France and the UK, the most recently publicized being the catastrophe that occurred last year when the UK government contracted a protected company to provide court interpreting services and this company struggled to cope with the demands. In France, the interpreting industry has also […]

Linguistic diversity in Europe: the threat from within?

“My philological studies have satisfied me that a gifted person ought to learn English (barring spelling and pronouncing) in thirty hours, French in thirty days, and German in thirty years.” This quote is from Mark Twain’s amusing essay “The Awful German Language”, written in 1880.  It is perhaps a typical viewpoint for a native speaker […]