Case Study

Expanding internationally through translation services

  1. Company: Two Fussy Blokes Paint Rollers –
  2. Size of the Company: Micro (up to 10 employees)
  3. Industry: Retail
  4. Services: Translation

Paint rollers & accessories manufacturer, Two Fussy Blokes was born in 2015 from the frustration of not being able to find premium quality tools that lived up to the standards of their founders, Peter & Chris. Being the cornerstone of the company, ‘high quality’ is present in all aspects throughout the delivery of their products.

Based on their mission of staying in tune with the market and engaging with customers, they had a clear objective of expanding and growing operations overseas. In order to achieve this goal, they had to overcome a common obstacle for companies looking for reaching new customers/partners abroad – the language barrier.

Case Study 2 Fussy Blokes

Tackling the challenge

As said by Conor E., Two Fussy Blokes’ Sales agent for Europe: ‘’We were trying to find a good translation agency that could provide an accurate translation with a quick turn around.’’

Over the past months, DCU Language Services has been translating their marketing content as natural, fluent, and reader-friendly as if it was natively created from scratch into a wide range of languages such as French, German, Russian, Dutch and Bulgarian.

‘’A professional accurate service that goes above and beyond to help their customers.‘’ – Conor E.

Rocketing Results

As a result, Two Fussy Blokes’ range of premium products is already available from leading paint stores throughout New Zealand, South Korea, Poland, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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