Best time-saving SDL Apps you should try today

SDL App Store is the language industries first app store, allowing users of SDL software – such as SDL Trados Studio – to customize functionality. This online hub allows you to search for apps that will extend functionality of your translation software and increase performance. Below are some of the latest apps available for download that definitely look worth a try:

  • 1. Glossary Converter

This app allows you to convert terminology glossaries in a range of formats by simply dragging your files into the app’s interface. It quickly performs the conversion, only taking a few seconds, allowing you to convert terminology for example from Excel to a Termbase.  This one is at the top of the list, as it ranks in the most downloaded app for a third year running.

  • 2. Check phrases on the web

Often, translators may need to double check a certain phrase or word on the web – there’s an app for that! You can simply highlight and right click the text you need to look up in the editor view. You can search within over forty websites that come with the app or add some from your favourite. This app saves a lot of time as you do not need to leave Studio’s interface and also, is a plus to avoid distractions on the web.

  • 3. Microsoft Word Grammar Check

This add-on allows you to use the reliable grammar and spelling check that has become synonymous with Microsoft Word. This app is another one that is guaranteed to allow you to translate a document more effectively and in less time as you do not need to check the details of your documents externally.

  • 4. Glossary plugin

This app adds a new section to Studio that allows you to import new terminology in just a few clicks. Using this app alongside the Glossary Converter saves time when adding new terms to your translation projects.

  • 5. Studio Migration Utility

This app eases the process ofswitching versions and upgrading your version of Trados, including moving projects, customers, translation memories, language resource templates and SDL AppStore Plugins.