DCULS project manager presents to Translation Studies MA students of SALIS

DCULS project manager presents to Translation Studies MA students of SALIS

Upon invitation from Dr. Mary Phelan from DCU SALIS (School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at DCU), Anastasia Rosa Papathanaki, DCULS Project Manager, had the pleasure of presenting to DCU undergraduate students the possible roles a graduate can undertake after completing their MA in Translation Studies, including the role of Language Coordinator as it was defined within DCU Language Services.

Anastasia sought to provide a comprehensive view of the elements involved in running a translation agency – considerations ranging from managing clients and suppliers, to incorporating new technologies and engaging at a community level, among others. The presentation also covered briefer points on the national state of the industry and deregulation.

Speaking about the presentation, Anastasia commented: “I was delighted to collaborate recently with SALIS. It was an interesting discussion with everyone and a great opportunity to share how a translations agency is managed.”

The guest presentation formed part of the Simulated Translation Bureau module where the students are called to design and set up their own virtual translation agencies as part of their goals for this course.

DCU Language Services will continue to foster connections and provide future SALIS students with the opportunity to learn about its services.

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