How to Boost your Sales Internationally?


How to boost your sales Internationally?

In the globalised marketplace of the 21st century, you will be required to touch base with potential clients or business partners on the other side of the world, almost as a matter of routine. Inevitably, the issue of language barriers will arise, particularly if potential new customers, based overseas, are researching your product or service.

Translation Services for Corporate Businesses

If you have placed adverts for your products or services online, it is most helpful if these are available in more than one language.  Potential international customers might also wish to access your company website, read through your company policy documents or, if you are hoping to sell specific items, peruse your product manuals. However, if you are forwarding your potential customers documents in a different language to their own, this may result in a competitive disadvantage on your part.

In such potential markets as Latin America, you will need to translate documents into one or two languages. In other regions, such as South East Asia or the Far East, you may need to translate material into several languages. In either case, it is of crucial importance that your strategy for expansion into overseas markets includes access to a certified, top quality translation service. This is where DCU-LS comes in.

The importance of translation and localization

In order to make your company more attractive to overseas companies, it is most important that you have access to a certified service that can provide both translation and localization, wherein the translation itself can be tailored to the local idioms and cultural traits of the country or region that you hope to operate in. Localization prevents the essential message that you wish to communicate being lost in the translation process. A good localisation process will impress upon your would-be customer that you have researched your market and potential clients. DCU-LS can help by providing excellent localisation so that the contents of your website, adverts and other documents is easily accessible in a fluent, informative and grammatically correct manner.

With a team of qualified translators and proof readers, DCU-LS regularly works with the Public Sector and Private sectors. The team translates documents daily for a wide range of customers, both in Ireland and at international level, including the Financial, Legal, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Tourist industries. The DCU-LS team regularly translates documents relevant to the corporate sector, including company policies, annual reports, training manuals, financial manuals and website content.

Engage with international customers

Upon contacting the DCU-LS team, you will be able to translate your material into any of over 70 languages, including translations to and from Irish. It is also possible to translate in regional variations of some languages e.g. Castilian or Latin American Spanish. If you fill out the quotation form, including your contact details, source and target languages, the team will quickly come back with a quote for you.

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