How to select the right translation agency?

How to choose a translation agency

How to select the right translation agency?

In today’s globalised world it is inevitable that businesses and individuals will need to communicate at an international level. While language barriers can be encountered in an international business environment, this need not be problematic thanks to the certified, qualified team of translators.

Translation and Localisation

In some cases, you may only need a fairly straightforward translation service, where the vocabulary, sentence structure and technical or idiomatic language corresponds fairly directly between one language and another. On other occasions, localisation may be required. Localisation takes the process of translation further, adapting the translation of text in ways specific to a particular nation or region.

This is important in an international marketplace because regional variations often exist in the use of languages e.g. differences between Castilian or Latin American Spanish or Portuguese, as spoken in Portugal or Brazil. In certain countries and regions, rules for grammar and syntax may vary between regions, along with the appropriate use of idiomatic language and expressions. Thus, localization addresses linguistic, physical, business, cultural and technical issues during the translation process, specific to whatever target language you have chosen.

Choosing the Right Translation Agency

There are numerous advantages to working with DCU-LS. The team at DCU-LS can provide translation and localisation in over 70 languages in addition to proofreading documents or transcribing the text content of audio and visual files, all at very reasonable rates. The potential customer will rely on translators having a wide-ranging vocabulary and a good understanding of the correct syntactical and grammatical structures in the target language. DCU-LS has been providing exactly these types of top-quality translation services and bespoke language testing to a wide range of clients since 1992.

The DCU-LS team works regularly for clients in the Financial, Medical, Services, Pharmaceutical, Legal and Educational sectors and as such, its translators are well versed in appropriate terms and expressions, relevant to these industries. Documents translated by DCU-LS include:

  • legal and company policy documents,
  • postgrad theses,
  • instruction manuals,
  • annual reports,
  • medical documents,
  • contracts,
  • marketing material and website content.

With DCU-LS, the client is assured of a quick turnaround, even with strict deadlines, and a high standard of service. All translations are confidential, as DCU-LS abides by the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (ITTA) Code of Practice and Professional Ethics.

DCU-LS is accredited to the European Language Industry Association, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. As such, the potential client, whether private or corporate, is guaranteed a speedy turnaround and value for money. If this translation service sounds like what you need, please complete our online Query form and get a quote.

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