Announcement – COVID 19 Update



We feel that the best way we can respond to this challenging situation is by continuing to provide our services for all those who need to communicate to an international audience including Government bodies, hospitals, pharma industry and also all Ireland-based businesses.

We want to assure you we are doing everything to enable fast turnarounds and waiving additional rush fees. Our dedicated team will do the best they can to facilitate your request.

Your solution, in any language

You can trust in our team of professional translators who are highly qualified and experienced in translating a wide selection of documents – including Medical Documents, Company Policies, Technical Specifications and Product Manuals – over 70+ different languages, including Irish.

English to Irish, and vice-versa

We work with a large team of Foras na Gaeilge accredited translators who are highly qualified and experienced to provide you with the high quality Irish Translation.


We hope you, your family and colleagues are well and we wish you all the best of health over the weeks ahead.

DCU Language Services Team


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