Irish Language Translations

(As Gaeilge)

As one of the main languages that we translate, and as a translation company in operation for 20 years DCU Language Services are experts in the field of Irish Language Translations. We provide professional Irish translations for companies in Ireland and for foreign companies wishing to do business in Ireland. We can also translate documents from Irish into English if required.

A sample of the subject matters and document types that we cover includes:

Document Types: Subject Matters:
Annual Reports Captions for museums Financial
Financial Statements Signage Legal
Strategic Plans Brochures Marketing
Correspondence Website Translations Business
Business Documentation Environmental Studies Tourism & Culture
Technical Reports Legislative Texts Scientific & Pharmaceutical
Contracts Promotional Literature Marine Technology
Legal Documents Certified Translations Renewable Energy

Our Irish Language Translators:

We work with a large network of Irish translators, all with a minimum of 5 years’ professional translation experience.

All of our Irish Translators are native Irish speakers and fully qualified translators with educational backgrounds in the Irish language and translation.

We work with many Foras na Gaeilge accredited translators, which is the highest form of accreditation for Irish translators in Ireland. We can select our Foras na Gaeilge translators specifically for clients upon request.


Since the introduction of the Official Languages Act in 2003, we have been consistently providing translations for Irish Government Bodies and other organisations and companies by translating their publications, reports, websites and other documentation into Irish.

We offer high quality translations for all customers, completed by professional Irish language translators chosen by us based on their extensive experience and qualifications.  We only employ translators with proven expertise in the field required for our clients’ documents.

Quality Assurance: 

Additional proofreading by a second translator is an essential stage of the translation quality assurance process for each language translation and document type. As many of the documents for translation into Irish are meant for publication, this is even more important to ensure that the translations delivered are of the highest quality.

We can offer special rates to clients for additional proofreading of Irish Language Translations.  


An exact price for your Irish Translation project will be given based on the documents for translation and specific requirements.  The price for Irish language translations is dependent on a few factors:

  • Length of document (i.e. how many pages & word count)
  • There is a minimum fee for short translations and certified translations
  • Quality of the document
  • Format required
  • Urgency of delivery
  • Additional proofreading required

For more information on our Irish Translation Services contact us:

+353 1 700 8066