The use of interpreting equipment is essential for effective multilingual communication at international conferences, business meetings, press conferences, presentations or corporate tours.

Using simultaneous interpreting equipment will ensure smooth and quick communication across all languages and in a way that does not disrupt other participants from the main event.

For simultaneous interpreting, the most effective form of interpreting for large meetings and conferences, all contributions are relayed by a microphone to the team of interpreters working from soundproof booths within the conference or meeting room. Their interpretation is then transmitted back to the delegates through individual headsets.

Specialised equipment is also needed for ‘on the move’ events such as tour guide interpreting whereby a tour guide’s speech will be transmitted to the group via an interpreter through headsets. This type of interpreting equipment is also very suitable for press conferences or other smaller events that require simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting Booths

Equipment provided can include:

•  Interpreter booths •  Audience voting pads
•  Delegates’ Headsets •  Delegate response systems / “Push to Talk” microphones
•  Transmission System •  Tour guide interpreting equipment

Interpreter Booths

These are soundproof booths that usually sit at the side or back of a conference room with a view of the stage and speakers.

  • One booth required per language
  • Interpreters usually work in pairs in the booths
  • Interpreter booths come in two sizes and the booths that we provide confirm to both ISO and EU interpreting standards.

We will provide booths to suit your requirements and we will look after installation and technical assistance on the days of and run up to the conference.

Delegate Response Systems
These microphones assist with interactive meetings or conferences rather than waiting for a hand held microphone to arrive, delegates simply need to push a button on their desktop microphones desks to respond to questions. This response is then fed directly back to the interpreters for simultaneous interpretation.

Portable Interpreting Equipment
Portable interpreting equipment is suitable for tour guide interpreting, factory visits, company tours or other ‘on the move’ events.

This equipment comprises of a radio microphone and wireless headsets, which enables an interpreter or tour guide to speak to a group people while on the move. The system comes in a small case with one or two microphones, a transmitter and headsets.

They can sometimes be suitable for press conferences and smaller meetings depending on the requirements.

Voting Systems
We can also provide voting systems for conferences, meetings and events that will require audience participation. If you want delegates to answer questions, share a vote, complete a survey or just to carry out some research the use of these voting systems are ideal as they record answers, provide quick results and boost delegate interactivity at meetings and events.

We always work with our clients to try and provide the best equipment to suit.

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