Our Conference Interpreting Service provides for Simultaneous, Whispering or Consecutive Interpreting requirements.

We work with our clients to ensure that all interpreting requirements are met to the highest standards for international corporate conferences, meetings and events. We use the most experienced interpreters in Ireland and abroad and we also provide the technical interpreting equipment needed for conference interpreting.

Contact us with your requirements and we will advise on the best type of interpreting and equipment to suit.



Sectors for which we have provided Professional Interpreting services:

•  Legal •  Scientific •  International Conferences
•  Financial •  Technical •  Sales Meetings / Trade Shows
•  Marketing •  Pharmaceutical •  Annual General Meetings
•  Sales •  Engineering •  Business and Corporate Events
•  Business •  Political •  Internal Management Meetings
•  Tourism •  Medical •  Press Conferences
•  Culture •  Social Events •  Corporate Dinners 

Points to Consider
When planning a conference or event that will require interpreting services, there are a few things that you should consider:

  • Languages: there are usually 2 interpreters per language
  • Number of delegates: relevant for equipment provision
  • Location
  • Room Layout: space needs to be allowed for interpreter booths
  • Agenda: number of sessions per day (i.e. if there will be plenary sessions / breakout meetings)
  • Audio or video recordings

The type of interpreting needed should also be considered – usually simultaneous interpreting works best for conference settings, where the interpreters work from soundproof booths with a view of speakers, and the interpreting feed is provided through microphones and delegate headsets.

For press conferences, smaller meetings, or tour groups; simultaneous interpreting can work better alongside the use of portable equipment. For corporate dinners or events with just one or two delegates needing interpreting, sometimes whispering or consecutive interpreting works better.

In addition to interpreters, we can provide the technical equipment needed for Simultaneous Conference Interpreting and Tour Guide Interpreting. This includes installation and technical assistance for the duration of all events.

More information on planning Interpreting Services for your Conference or Event can be found in our 6 Point Guide


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