DCU Language Services provides high quality professional Interpreting services in both in Ireland and abroad. Our expertise covers a wide range of industries including legal, financial, sporting, pharmaceutical, sales, tourism and many more.  

Interpreting differs from translation as it provides an oral translation of what a speaker says. We provide interpreting services in up to 40 languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German and Arabic.

DCU Language Services works with the most qualified and experienced interpreters in Ireland. They have worked for heads of state and government ministers, as well as for multinational companies here and abroad.  We provide both the language and technical expertise so that your event runs smoothly.


Examples of Events for which we provide Interpreting Services:
• International Conferences •  Medical or Legal Consultations
• Business Meetings •  Court cases
• Press conferences •  Interviews
• Corporate events •  Health and Safety Courses
• Presentations & speeches •  Workshops
• Diplomatic Assignments •  Disciplinary Meetings


The cost of interpreting depends on a number of factors such as: 

• Type of Event
(e.g. large conference or smaller business meeting)

•  Type of Interpretation required
(e.g. Consecutive, Simultaneous, etc.)
•  Duration •  Language(s) required
•  Location •  Technical Requirements

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