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Professional Translation and Interpreting Services at Dublin City University

Magdalena, Interpreting and Language Assessments Coordinator here at DCU Language Services gives us some insight into her working day:

Busy mornings are followed by busy afternoons and busy afternoons are followed by busy mornings… demanding tasks intertwine with less demanding ones, and challenging tasks with more routine work.  Here is a glimpse of a typical working day at the Interpreting and Language Assessment Department at DCU Language Services.

9:30am:  Just finished checking the language assessment schedule – this is the most urgent morning task as most of our assessments are for busy recruiters who are hiring various multilingual staff for their international companies.

All assessment reports based on written and oral tests completed the previous evening need to be returned to our clients today.  Also this morning I will return some French and English reports received from our assessors. I am also keeping an eye on the schedule to ensure that all oral assessments have been confirmed by our clients and that each of our assessors have all the relevant details. There are some English, German and Hebrew assessments scheduled for this morning – once I receive the test reports from our assessors I will send them on to our clients.

11am:  Language assessments are going smoothly today and I have already delivered a few reports to our clients. I have also received some new language assessment requests – two Spanish and two French written tests need to be corrected and so I have just sent them to our assessors. I should receive the reports within 2-3 hours…

Now I have some time to look at the interpreting schedule. As we provide both Community and Conference Interpreting, we receive interpreting requests on a regular basis from a range of clients. Just a few minutes ago, I had a call from a Kildare based company looking for a Portuguese interpreter for an internal employee meeting. I have checked our interpreter’s database and contacted one of the Portuguese interpreters to confirm her availability. She is interested and available for the assignment, so now I need to prepare a quotation and send it on to the client for their approval.

We have a few queries from some of our interpreters regarding bookings for upcoming interpreting assignments. Some French and Italian interpreters that have been booked to provide Simultaneous Interpreting for a Board Meeting for an important client and have asked to clarify the times of the meeting, and I need to send them some documents, including the agenda for the meeting. I also need to ensure that the equipment is booked and that the technician has the agenda so he can set up the equipment on time. There are some other queries about travel arrangements from UK based interpreters who have been booked for an upcoming International Conference in Dublin for Arabic and Chinese, so I will confirm their flight and accommodation bookings….

12:45pm: I have now sent two quotations to different clients: one for a Portuguese interpreting assignment for an internal business meeting and one for a Polish interpreting assignment for a medical appointment, requested yesterday.

All of the urgent interpreting tasks have been dealt with for the moment, so I have some time to get back to my assessments tasks and send on the rest of the reports from this morning and early afternoon.

14:30pm: I am just beginning to work on a request from a client for Turkish and Greek Conference Interpreters for an upcoming conference on Migration, Asylum and the European Union Presidency, being organised by one of the leading research institutes in Dublin. As there are no qualified Dublin-based Greek and Turkish conference interpreters available, I have contacted some UK based interpreters. Once the interpreters’ availability is confirmed, their rates and all expenses agreed, I will be able to calculate the total cost of the services and provide a quotation to the client.

Since lunchtime, I have received requests for English, Hebrew and Dutch oral assessments for the following day, so I have contacted all the relevant assessors and I’m now awaiting their confirmation before confirming to our clients.

16:00pm: Just received confirmation from our client regarding the Portuguese interpreting assignment, so now I need to let the interpreter know that the assignment is going ahead.

Confirmation from our assessors also received so I will get back to the clients to confirm all the upcoming tests. I am going to send some written tests for correction, so I can have the written reports tomorrow morning.

17:05: Just received another call regarding Community Interpreting. The client is looking for a Lithuanian interpreter for a medical appointment in two weeks’ time. I am sending a quick e-mail to one of our Lithuanian interpreters to check their availability for this assignment. I will check the answer tomorrow morning… as it is time to go home.

What's great about my work at the Language Services is that every new day brings new challenges and lots of satisfaction!

Contact Magdalena for any Interpreting or Language Assessment Requirements:

Tel: +353 1 700 8077

Email: interpreting@dcu.ie